Building Custom Reports

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This article walks you through the process of building your own report. We recommend you read our article on the types of report and how to access them first. See here


Creating Reports

Report building within LocataPro is entirely based on filtering. To demonstrate how to build a report, we're going to use an example scenario - we'd like to report on the following:

  • Open cases
  • In Relief Duty
  • Opened before 01 Jan 2024

Each item on the list above will correspond to a filter we need to apply to the report to extract the right information. Setting up a "Filter" on the reports page involves three subsequent dropdown lists, described as the "Question", the "Qualifier" and the "Answer" (i.e. the answer that the qualifier applies to, this is not necessary for all filters). 

Note: The "Just Display" qualifier can be used if you would like to display that data on the report, regardless of what it is. When you choose this qualifier, the "Answer" dropdown is removed.

In order to report on the information within our example, we'd need to add and configure some additional filters until our screen looked like this:


Follow the below steps to add a filter to your report:

  1. Search for the question you'd like to filter on (you can type into the box to narrow down results)
  2. Choose your qualifier
  3. Choose the answer to qualify the filter on (if applicable)
  4. Repeat as required with additional filters
  5. Click "Get Count" then "Generate"

Saving Reports

When you're happy with the structure of your report, the next thing to do is save it so that you can reference it again in the future. Saving reports works most effectively when your organisation has configured the Report Folders of LocataPro - see this article for more information. For guidance on how to save reports to specific folders, follow the steps below: 

  1. Once you have configured your report, click "Save these entries as a report template"
  2. Give your report an appropriate name
  3. Click "Folder"
  4. Choose the relevant folder and click "Select"
  5. Click "Save Changes" or "Create Template" depending on if you are creating a fresh report or overwriting an existing one

Did you know: You can follow the above process to move existing reports into different folders too - just change which folder the report is within. 

Accessing Saved Reports

After you've saved your report, you can access it by following the below steps:

  1. Click "Reports"
  2. Click "Your Reports"
  3. Choose the relevant folder
  4. Select your report and "Edit" to go to the filters page, or "Run" to be taken directly to the report results page

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