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This article explains some of the more advanced features of Task Configuration. In order to manage tasks and questions, you'll need the relevant permission - explained in this article: Managing Workflows - Permissions


Making Tasks Repeatable

By default, tasks can only be created once against a record - unless you mark them as "Repeatable" by setting the option displayed below to "Yes" within the task settings panel. Once a task is marked "Repeatable", this setting cannot be reversed.

The below GIF demonstrates a potential use-case for this feature. We want to capture "Key Contacts" relating to a case/application, and where there are multiple contacts add that task in and complete it multiple times. 

Note: You'll see in the above how when there are more than one task of a type against a record, those tasks move into a concertina structure which can be collapsed/expanded by using the arrow to the right of the task name. 

Auto Assign Tasks to Specific Users

By default, when a task is loaded onto a client's record, it will assign that task to whichever user prompted the task being generated. However, we can setup each task to assign to a specific user if we would like it to do this instead. From the Task configuration panel, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Task you'd like to setup to Auto Assign
  2. Choose who the Task will Auto Assign to under the "Task Owner" dropdown (like the image below)

When this task is added into the workflow, either manually or via a completion rule, the chosen user will be assigned to the task. They will also receive a notification email.

Setup Tasks to Auto-Complete

Within the workflows of LocataPro, Tasks are generally manually completed by users once they are satisfied with the information held within. However, Tasks can be configured to automatically complete once the mandatory questions within that Task have been answered. To do this, just mark the "Auto Complete" question within the task configuration panel to "Yes". 

Creating "Person" Tasks (Household Member Data)

"Person" based tasks are tasks whereby you would like to be able to store data against individual household members, for example their Date of Birth. On most modules of LocataPro, this data pre-dominantly exists within the "People" task. However, you are also able to create your own "Person" based task. Below is an example of what the "People" task might look like.

Person-based tasks are unique in that users can click each Household Member in the table at the top of the task, to enable them to change which Household Member they are answering the question against - as shown in the GIF above. To setup your own Person-based task, you'll first need to setup a new task, without any questions - if you're not sure how, follow this article.

Once that's done, follow the below steps:

  1. Select your new task within the Task configuration screen
  2. Click "Add" under the questions panel
  3. Click "Add New"
  4. Setup your first Person question - you MUST select "Person" as the "Entity Type" in order to setup the task as a Person-based task.
  5. Configure the rest of the task as required

The below image demonstrates a potential use-case for this feature. Note how each Household member has different information within the "Summary" box. 

Note: You'll see in the above how data from each question goes to the "Summary" box of the household member table. To do this, set "Is Summary" to "Yes" for any question you'd like the answer to display here. 

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